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Note that ‘Goldseekers’ is still under production and not published yet.

About the author

Etienne Bijnens studied communication and journalism. (And no, he didn’t work for the Globe, didn’t straighten the Leaning Tower of Pisa and didn’t drink tons of phosphoric acid to piss China off).

Throughout his life, he’s been writing novels but never found the time to publish them, and instead, they stockpiled on his computer’s hard drive.

Ten years ago, right before his wife and he decided to cycle from England to Australia, he published ‘The Flying Man’, a book about ‘the journey of the soul, choice and existence’. Despite it not being adequately launched, the book received some raving reviews (see on the back of the cover).

In April 2021, he publicised ‘We’ve Let Her Know (that you are interested), an autobiographical fiction about his dating life in London. Some would say that Jenny’s character is based on his wife’s. That same year he republished ‘The Flying Man’ with a new cover. The readers can also receive an explanation behind the philosophies and concepts used in that book.

Etienne is originally from Belgium, but lived in South Africa, Mozambique, the UK and currently resides in Australia.

Be assured that more books will follow as a few readers are already insisting that there should be a sequel to ‘We’ve Let Her Know (that you are interested).

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